Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chess, Pirates, and Goodbyes

My last few weeks with my First Grade class.
(*Dawson & Tim in the back, Amy and Fiona next to me)We covered the concepts of treasure, pirates, puzzles and passwords. Last semester, with Mr. Joseph and for the graduation theme, my kids participated in a song/dance/skit, performing a song called, Shiver Me Timbers, and would often burst into song during my class. (*Dawson and his hook ^_^)

So I made up a map, had them go through a treasure hunt, figuring out clues and giving the passwords to other took us a week to complete.
The kids had to figure out the password from the clues, then tell the teachers in the adjoining classrooms the password before they had permission to search for the next clue. The kids did great, and figured out all the clues without my help.
(*Keith (with the sword) and Tim (with the eye patch))
(*Jack, Dawson and Tim. Tim has the treasure chest on his head, and is carrying all the clues)

Just when I started getting used to teaching this class, I had to learn how to teach another class. lol. Funny how things work like that.
(*Fiona, Natasha (the sisters), Tim, Keith, Amy (sweetest child in the world), and of course, Dawson in the front ^_^ Always a ham)
(*Jack and Dawson are doing the "handsome" hand signal ^_^)
(*Their "scary" faces. Well, except for Dawson, still doing his handsome face)
(*The sisters. And Dawson ^_^)

(*Amy and me! We had a rule that if you didn't get your name on the board for a week, you would get a small prize, usually some type of snack)

(*Tim, Amy and me)

During this semester, during break time, I taught the kids a few games. It turns out they loved learning Chess. And they were very good at it! After my first few games with them, I had to stop being nice to them so they wouldn't beat me. ^_^ lol. I'm a little kid sometimes and hate losing, so I had to be mean to them sometimes. hehe
(Tim and Keith playing Chess)

Both Tim and Keith just learned the game this semester. Dawson was very good at it already. In addition to English cram schools, Advance Chess is also a popular cram school.

(*Keith and Dawson playing. Tim watching the game)

I miss these kids already.


Jacqueline Auna and family said...

Connie - you are so funny! love that you hate to lose even to babies! : ) You'll be a fun mom. What sweet, smart kids you get to teach!

Mom said...


I love when you share about your classes. The kids are adorable. I am impressed with your treasure hunt and and informative activity for your kids. I would love to have you as a teacher!

Brad and Hailey said...

Wow look at you Miss Connie! You are one amazing teacher! Those kids are sure going to miss you!

Connie said...

lol. I told my kids I had to kill a man to get that treasure map. ^_^ hehe. I don't think they believed me though... ^_^