Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Days In Taiwan

These are just some photos from my last few months in Taiwan.

This picture is of the last group of teachers and secretaries I was with during my last semester. Most teachers only stayed for their contract of 6 months, but a few stayed for a year. Erin and I were the teachers that stayed the longest at a year and a half. Erin is going on for two years! Go Erin! ^o^My Chinese Teacher who suffered through my poor Chinese. For the first week or so, I kept saying "to smell" instead of "to ask." (question = "wen" 4th tone, smell = "wen" 2nd tone, kiss = "wen" 3rd tone).我喜歡我的老師. 我覺得我的老師很可愛.

Joanne跟me. We started out as just language exchanges, however, we became very good friends. It turned out she spoke English much better than me (she was fluent in English, and I couldn't speak a word of Chinese), so we'd just end up talking in English.
Last picture of Erin and me at the airport. Leaving Taiwan for the last time.
On December 20th, Tabby, Sunny, Erin and I ran the Taipei Half Marathon. Lisa ran the 10K. It was a good last weekend to spend in Taiwan.
This was my Tai Chi Class I used to go to. We would practice in the park across from the government building and up the hill from the night market every Friday night. Since it was outside, in the winter, it would be freezing, and during the summer, it would be sweltering. When it would rain, we'd go across the street to the government buildings. If there was a typhoon, class would be canceled. ^_^

This is the bingsha place right down the street from the school. A bingsha is just like a smoothie, they would blend fresh fruits and ice, and no sugar. It was wonderful. The owner's names were Jenna, and her husband, Hello Kitty (named during grade school, and it stuck). Their kid's name is Trouble.Me, my 6th grade girls, and Frances, who owns the school I was working at, Berhan Language Institute. On the last day of classes, my kids all brought their digital cameras to school, so we just ran around taking pictures of everyone we could think of.
This is my 6th grade class at the Christmas dance. Brandon and Judy just "forgot" to come to the activity (meaning, they didn't want to dress up and dance... ^_^).
My Kindergarten Enrichment class at the Christmas Activity.
My writing class and me, on the last day of class. This class turned out to be more of a cooking class than anything else.
Morning Kindergarten and me. These kids have grown up so much since I last started! They're a full year and a half older and several inches taller than they were when I first started teaching them!
Kindergarten Basic Reading, formally Morning Kindergartners, when I taught them. They're goofballs.

My old 4th grade class from two semesters ago. When I taught them, I was taller than most of, I'm shorter than most of them.My Afternoon Kindergarten Class. I didn't have them at the beginning of the semester, but they were adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
*sigh. The good 'ol days. I probably won't be back to see any of them for a few years...