Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayer, Answered

Yep. Typhoon Days don't come much better than when they fall on Fridays. For some odd reason, Typhoon Days always seem to fall on Fridays, creating those much-desired 3-day weekends...we must've done something right in a past life to get this. ^_^

When Sue, one of the secretaries, came up stairs to deliver us the news that we wouldn't have school tomorrow, I nearly hugged her. Unexpected and overwhelming joy in finding we didn't have to teach tomorrow led us roommates to dance giddily around our room like schoolgirls.

Being able to spend the day playing my guitar, drawing, reading a good book and catching up on homework, sounds absolutely fantastic right now. Tomorrow is going to be a good day. ^_^ From what I've been hearing, the storm has been recently downgraded to only a Category 2 tomorrow, so hopefully there'll be minimal damage.

Apparently Taiwan is somewhat in a near-drought state, so this rain will be very good for it.

Father's Day in Taiwan is happening this weekend, August 8th. The number 8 in Chinese is Ba (first tone), and the Chinese word for Father is Ba Ba (first tones), so the date 8/8 is like saying Ba Ba. I think it's a cute way to say Father's Day. ^_^ Hopefully all the families will just stay in and enjoy the long weekend together.


jaimie said...

Ugh - I wish I could have experienced a typhoon. You lucky duck, you!

Wendy said...

Typhoon days sure are an answer to prayer!!!