Monday, July 7, 2008

Coke & Mentos, Kids & barf

The rainstorm knocked out our internet for a day or so, and we kind of all freaked out being disconnected with the world. I know in my last blog I said I enjoyed being free of all electronics...but the internet is still something I can't live without. ^_^

In my first class I had a kid force himself to throw up. He had already thrown up in another class, so I figured he wouldn't in mine. But he did. He's a new kid and totally scared of being in this immersion program, with strange people who speak a weird language.

My kindergarten class is so stinking cute though. It's just so hard to keep them all entertained at all the same time with different songs, and for more than 5 minutes at a time. My level 5 class is great, today we did the coke and mentos experiment, and I totally forgot how much kids love to see things explode. ^_^ They figured if things exploded so well with just mentos and coke, what if we added vinegar and baking soda to the mix? lesson plan is now planned!

I love getting caught in the rain here, it's so refreshing because it's so warm. We have a pretty good library here so I've been trying to read more books.

There's also some really good places to eat here. I really need to start rationing my money though, so I'll have enough to go to Hong Kong later this month. We really need to get our work permits done already. I want to go shopping!!! j/k and set up my bank account here... ^_^


Mom said...


Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the kindergarten kids. They are sooooo cute!
Did you have to clean up after the new kid?

Do the lesson plans have things you need to do for each class? Do they provide the coke and mentos?

Try doing all the things you did at their age. Little teapot, inseey weensy spider, There was a little house in the middle of the woods... London Bridge, ring around the rosey... or do you have to stick to the curiculum?

Glad you are back in touch with the world.

Connie said...

Hi mom!

Yeah, if you get your lesson plan in with enough time, usually they will provide what you need. And I forgot how much kids need and want repetition... ^_^ So even if I'm sick of the song already, they might still want it! As for lesson plans, they have weekly themes, and as I'm the drama/song teacher (and games for my other kindergarten class) the song usually has to do something with the theme. It is a lot of fun though!