Saturday, June 28, 2008


Whenever I get on a plane, I have this sudden urge to write. I wrote down a lot of my thoughts while on the plane ride from Utah to San Francisco, and from San Francisco to Taipei.

Leaving Utah, I have never seen the sun so red. It was probably because of the inversion, but against the backdrop of the mountains, the sun looked huge. And it was funny, flying east to west just as the sun was setting because it looked as if the sun decided to fight against time and stay up for a little while longer. Even the sunsets on Maui have never looked so intense, so simply beautiful. As we rose above the inversion, it looked like the sun was in the middle of two halves of the sea.

No matter how many times I travel by plane -- by either the small Cessna planes we rode in while in Alaska, or the larger planes to Hawaii, around the US or to the UK -- I'll never cease to be amazed at the beauty of this world. Whether it's God's creations or the creations of man, both hold so much beauty, it's almost too much to contain.

When we got off the plane, we had to go buy a bus ticket, since no one was meeting us there. It was really confusing (<--notice the picture, yeah confusing), since it was about 6:30am and we didn't know if we should call anyone from the school to help us. Some of us bought the wrong bus tickets to another place, while in the end, all of us bought the right bus tickets but got off at the wrong bus was a two hour bus ride and we all fell asleep. But help came eventually, while we waited in the city of Taichung at the train station. We rode the train to Feng Yuan, where the school is located. We went shopping for food, got our pictures taken, and got our bikes. ^_^ We went riding around the block at night to get a feel for things, and I'm hoping that we won't get hit...riding in the city at night is a little scary...I might get a flickr account just so these pictures will be a lot easier to see. I took about 100 photos just on the first day. lol. ^_^

We're staying in the city of Feng Yuan, it's smaller than Taichung, but still is pretty confusing.

More to come...


.:liz yonashiro:. said...

Babes!!!!! Glad to hear you made it into Taiwan safely, loved the name of your blog, miss dramatic ;) You sound so cultured and world-class traveled. Your bike is so cool. Love it. So jeaolous ;) take a million photos for me, you can publish it all in a book.... with your writing skills maybe even write for a indie magazine while you're there. That'd rock. Miss you already, and don't forget, I need your address!!!!!

Love ya!!!!

Jacqueline Auna & family said...

Awesome pictures! So exciting to see Taiwan through your eyes and glad you made it safe! Thanks for posting, you must be so busy! I'd love your address too.