Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Taiwanese Wanna-bes...

In exactly one week, we are supposed to be on the plane to Taiwan. All our goodbyes would be said, all our bags will be loaded in the plane, and we'd be on our way.

However, not a single person in our group of teachers has their visa yet. Or even our passports back, for that matter (because we all sent them in for the visa application).

Every single person has encountered problems with their visa application. We just want to work and teach the little kids English, gosh darn it! But the government won't let us in, until we have fully completed our work permits, which required our diplomas (I just barely got my official one today), and WE'RE LEAVING NEXT WEEK!!! AAAUUUGGGghhhhhhh......!

Then they said we could get a visitor's visa...if we send in our bank statements to prove we have enough money to sustain us while we're there...but we're all broke college students who are going there so we can make money! It just really shed some light on the immigration issue, and how countries only want rich immigrants...bleh.

I know some of the teachers were able to prove they have enough money through their parents, but I know my visa application was rejected, because I called them this morning. So now I just want my passport back so I can actually get on that plane and just pick up a landing visa in Taiwan. Then in a few months, I'll have to travel to Hong Kong to fill out my working visa. Oh well. At least I'll get to see Hong Kong too!

Keep lookin' on the bright side... ^_^

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