Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rocks, Lava Lamps, and Sponge Bobs

Hai mien bao bao... My name was put on the board three times on Friday because I kept saying it to make my kids smile. They're not supposed to speak Chinese, but I thought Sponge Bob's Chinese's name was so cute I had to say it. Three times. ^_^ (Tom and Jeff in the picture above)
Some of the kids were resistant to making Sponge Bob for an art project, but eventually, they caved in to peer pressure. The majority of the kids think Hai mien bao bao is HILARIOUS. (Eve and Betty working on their Sponge Bobses)
Betty and her Sponge Bob.
Carol and her Sponge Bob.The finished project!

This is a video I made of my Fourth Grade class and the projects we did for the science theme. ^_^


Mom said...

Wow Connie,

Awesome music videos of your class projects.

The kids are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Keep those videos coming.

Shan said...

I LOVED IT!!! You are so creative and exacty what those kids need. I'm so glad that you're teaching them, cuz I can get updated. Plus, your hair is growing like crazy! I really like it! HOpe you're doing well!

Brad and Hailey said...

How fun! I think it's so cute that you are "Miss Connie"! You are amazing lady! :)