Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Of Cars and Teddy Bears

In Morning Kindergarten, the children are separated into four different groups according to age and their ability. The Dinosaurs are the oldest group, they've been in the program for up to 4 semesters. The Dolphins are a mixture of younger and older kids.

The Cars and the Teddy Bears are the youngest group. And the cutest.

The video is a typical day with them. This week's theme is health, so I decided to do a "pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey" except more like, "pin-the-bandaid-on-the-kid." They also got to pin "wounds" on the "kid" too, so they thought that was fun. ^_^ The little kid singing is Shayla, who speaks very little English. It's her first semester here, but she can repeat very well.

This is The Cars. (Left to Right, Yvonne, Sharlene, Jerry, Cindy). Yvonne is the oldest and speaks very well. Sharlene is a second semester kid, but she's very bright and, for some reason, is currently obsessed with drawing spiders. It must be the Halloween theme. Jerry is in his second semester, I believe, and is adorable...even though he's a bit of a sensitive soul...Cindy is the newest. She's only been here about three weeks, but she is super smart, and I think she'll be a volleyball player when she grows up. We were playing balloon volleyball in Gym, and she totally got the hang of "HIT IT!!!!!" She's catching on very quick. And is a total china doll.

This is the Teddy Bears. I'll probably write more on them when I don't have to go to class in 15 minutes. But they're adorable, and, obviously, my favorite kid in the group is the one posing in the background. His name is Oscar. The one with a mohawk is Sky, and if you look closely, he also has lightning bolts shaved into the sides of his head. Shayla and Jimmy are in the front and are both very quiet, but adorable. You can't really see Sharon, but she's in the middle. Julia is in the back, she's a firecracker and has the prettiest smile.

This is Oscar's le tigre stance. Or blue steel. Can't tell which. ^_^


Mom said...

The kids are adorable...Did you create the pin the band-aid on the wound? Nice job!

I wish I were there...sounds like alot of hard work but great fun.

Love your blog, thank you for sharing...

Brad and Hailey said...

They are so cute! I love the pictures! :)