Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kids are funny.

One minute they can be completely depressed and will act like all hope has fled their short lives, when in the next, they're psychotic with happiness.

I just started to teach gym, and we're learning a "duck, duck, goose!" type game (it's called, "shirt, shirt, pants" -- how original, I know). Even the kid with the gloomiest expression, when picked as a goose (or in the current case, a "pants!"), will experience a strange transformation that takes over his or her face.

It usually takes a second or two for them to realize they ARE the "pants," but once they do, their eyes become wide and crazed, their mouths begin to contort into a giddy smile, and they start running as if their lives depended on it.

It's so amusing to watch kids run. They run as if they might fall over at any second, but gosh darn it, they'll keep a-running as fast as they can! And when they run, they either look totally psychotic, or completely determined because running is, obviously, the most important thing in the entire world. At least for that moment. ^o^

Today, we had two kids pee in their pants during morning kindergarten. One kid peed two separate times, and I swear, he told the other one just to pee if he didn't know what else to do. But it was the saddest thing I've seen so far, that kid -- with no pants on -- his forehead to the wall and crying (that's how they punish kids here, I guess. Forehead to the wall, with hands on either side of their head).

Oh, I just saw the coolest cart/scooter/thing loaded with a ton of stuff. So I thought I'd put the picture on here. ^_^

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Dad said...

Thanks for the update! I check your blog almost every day. I have this hunch that others are checking too. So keep it up. The kids are so cute! I love that picture of the little girl sticking her tounge out. Reminds me of my kids and grandkids. That loaded scooter reminded me of the ones I saw all across southeast asia during my tours of duty. I tell you, those asians are really resourceful.